Roof Ducted Venting Kit – 150mm

$138.27 Ex GST

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Venting through the roof is the most efficient way to duct a rangehood, with no bends to cause back pressure and noise. Choose from either 150mm or 125mm duct kits.  This pack contains everything required for most installations except for the flashing, which is available separately depending on roof type.


  • 1 x Bird-proof galvanised steel cowl
  • 1 x 600mm x 150mm galvanised steel pipe
  • 1 x 1.5M x 150mm semi-rigid aluminium duct
  • 1 x Roll of aluminium duct tape
  • Galvanised steel pipe strap
  • Self-tapping screws


Heavy duty roof flashing is available for steel roofs.  For concrete tile roofs we recommend lead flashing, which is normally installed by a plumber.

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